Ubuntu In Freeze Mode, What Are The Must Fix Bugs?

The Ubuntu team has announced a ‘feature freeze’ for Oneiric, which will eventualy become Ubuntu 11.10. Since the team will now focus on finding and fixing the bugs, its time to make the team aware of some critical bugs which are bothering power users and keeping willing users from embracing Unity fully.

I appreciate Canonical’s efforts to polish the distro, the new LightDM login screen just looks sexy. But, how good is an operating system which can’t do what you want to do? I sincerely request the Ubuntu team and especially Mr Shuttleworth no put some focus on what matters to a user the most – applications.

I am a long time Ubuntu user and advocate (have converted quite a lot of users to Ubuntu), but I feel its getting harder to stay with Ubuntu if you want to get something done. Here is my small wishlist of bugs that I want Ubuntu to fix before the release of version 11.10.

1. Support for Samsung Galaxy Tab: Android powered Galaxy tabs are a rage, but you can’t connect then with Ubuntu and transfer data. What good is the polished LightDM, when I can’t transfer the data to my Galaxy Tab? I have filed a bug report and Ubuntu developers, especially Bilal Akhthar is doing a great job there. We need more support there – from users as well as developers.

2. GIMP, for example, has some issues, and could be counter-productive if you are someone who uses it frequently.

a) Fonts. When you go to choose fonts in GIMP, clicking on the sidebar or the preferred font closes the window. Which means there is no way you can use fonts in GIMP. How can you use GIMP without using fonts? This is a major bug which has not been fixed yet. There is a work-around, but I expect my Ubuntu to be perfect in every sense. Ubuntu 11.04 was released in April and its August now. The issue is not unique to Ubuntu, the same problem is with Linux Mint as well.

b) GIMP can’t handle multiple windows. If you open more than one image in multiple GIMP windows, its extremely hard to open tool and layer windows with the image of your choice. Since GIMP is a very popular application for GNU/Linux users, I think these bugs should be fixed as soon as possible.

3. Another major issue is with Batch Photo processing application Phatch. It is one of the most powerful applications that I have ever used. Under Ubuntu, the application is nothing more than useless. You can’t make any selection in the application to use. The bugs have been filed and we hope they will be fixed asap. The easiest solution I have found to these problems is either switch to Kubuntu or just use Linux Mint.

Are you facing any issues with Ubuntu, which you want to be fixed in 11.10?

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