How To Create First User On Arch Linux

Once we are done with the installation, as per the previous chapter, reboot the system and remove the installation media. You will be greeted with a plain legacy GRUB bootloader. Select Arch to boot. Once you have booted you will be navigated to TTY’s for login.

Arch Linux Manual

You will see this screen (below). Enter root for login and then your password that you created earlier.

Arch Linux Manual

To add a user (generally the user we will be using for desktop usage) simply run the command
# adduser

It will show you the following options. We recommend using lower case for usernames except for the passwords. I am adding a user muktware (check image below).

Login name for new user: muktware
User ID (UIS) [skip this stage just hit enter key] Initial groups: users [automatically set by default, skip] Additional groups [if you don’t know what it is, skip by hitting the enter key] Home Directory [it will automatically create one for the user that you added, so just hit enter] Shell [skip, hit enter]
Expiry Date [skip, hit enter]

Arch Linux Manual

If everything looks fine click enter to create the account.

Now you will be required to give additional info about the user such as:
Full Name
Room Number (skip)
Work Phone
Home Phone

Now you will need to create password for this account (image above).

Arch Linux Manual

Great! your user account has been created.

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