When Will The Competition Commission of India Sue Microsoft?

The Competition Commission of India, or CCI, a seven-member body that has been formed to keep anti-competitive acts at bay has found a defaulter in Apple, the manufacturer of the iPad and the iPhone. Appleā€™s sales practices are being questioned by the committee, and Apple has been reprimanded for practising unfair competition in the Indian market.

This report raises several questions. Is the commission really serious about anti-competitive business practices or its driven by the desire to be able to buy shiny, expensive and proprietary Apple toys with greater ease?

If the commission is really serious about anti-competitive business practices, why can’t the commission see Microsoft’s practices as killing competition? Indian users, who want to install Linux on their machines, are forced to pay Microsoft Tax, as you can’t buy a system without Microsoft’s Windows pre-installed on it. Why is CCI not suing Microsoft and hardware vendors to not force Indian users to pay the Microsoft tax?

Why can’t the commission see Microsoft’s anti-competitive business practices where most government sites endorse or support the usage of Microsoft insecure Internet Explorer and not ensure fair competition by making it mandatory that sites must support all popular browsers such as Mozilla’s Firefox and Google Chrome?

Since the commission has never taken any action against Microsoft it may appear to many that this move is driven by the desire to be able to buy Apple gadgets easily.

To someone like me it seems to have less to do with fair competition and more to do with thirst for Apple products.

Its ironical that India has a minute Apple market. Not even 0.00001% users are affected by Apple’s product and the commission has issues about it. The commission has not issues with the abusive monopoly of Microsoft which affects 98% of the PC users?

Dear CCI, when are you going to take action against Microsoft?

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