Ubuntu Becomes First OS To Get Automatic Epson Printer Drivers

Seiko Epson and AVASYS are adding making lives easier for GNU/Linux users. The company is working on a service that will enable the automatic downloading of printer drivers by simply connecting an Epson inkjet printer to a personal computer running ang GNU/Linux operating system such as Ubuntu.

Ubuntu has become the first GNU/Linux based OS to get this function. The upcoming version of Ubuntu, 11.04, due to be released at the end of April 2011, will feature this function. Ubuntu users will be able to automatically download the driver just by connecting the printer, enabling much simpler set up.

How does it help you?
If you have an Epson printer, you wont have to worry about installing drivers for it, if you are running version 11.04 of Ubuntu GNU/Linux system. This version of Ubuntu will be released by the end of April this year. Ubuntu will automatically detect your printer and install the software. Ubuntu already has amazing support for printers thanks to great work done by Greg-KH of the Linux Driver team.

Currently, in order to use Epson printers on GNU/Linux PCs, it is necessary to manually download the appropriate driver from the AVASYS website. In order to improve the user experience for Epson printer owners using the GNU/Linux OS, Epson and AVASYS collaborated with the Linux Foundation to make the automatic printer driver download service possible.

Seiko Epson and AVASYS announced that the service is planned to start at the end of April 2011, enabling automatic downloads of printer drivers for a total of 284 Epson inkjet printer models launched since 2005.

Till Kamppeter, leader of the OpenPrinting project, commented, “I am proud that the automatic driver download feature can start to benefit users’ lives with the new 11.04 release of Ubuntu and the inkjet printer drivers from Epson and AVASYS. This will be the first time that a Linux system downloads distribution-independent driver packages triggered simply by connecting the appropriate device. This makes printer setup and printing “just work”, and faster and easier than on most other operating systems. I hope this will be a sign for other distributions and hardware manufacturers, too, especially also for other types of hardware, not only printers. This way Linux can become one of the easiest to use operating systems.”

Epson leveraged its printer driver development capabilities to create a driver that complies with the standard Linux specification “LSB” (Linux Standard Base), while AVASYS, in collaboration with the Linux Foundation, drew on its expertise with Linux related technology to develop a workable solution for automatic Linux printer driver downloads from the Open Printing Database, enabling the inclusion of this function in “Ubuntu 11.04″.

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