Mono’s Commercial Attack On Android

Microsoft has been defeated by GNU/Linux, avers The Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin. But, there are Microsoft partners like Novell (and Mono) which will not give up so easily.

Mono team continues to bombard the free software world with Microsoft’s C# language and .Net implementation. Unfortunately, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has become an unaware puppet playing as proxy friend of Microsoft by making Banshee the default music player of Ubuntu. It means a hell lot of Mono will be pre-intsalled on your Ubuntu machine.

Every bit of Mono on my computer means hours of developer’s time wasted working on growing opium crops [Mono] of Microsoft. The dangers are more than we see at the surface. The more Ubuntu uses Banshee or Mono, the more stronghold Microsoft will find in the Linux world – a world Microsoft fantasizes of destroying. The increased presence of Mono would also mean eventually developers will be ‘forced’ to learn/user C#, .NET and buy suites like Visual Basic to develop for free software.

I have no problem with Banshee as music player, I appreciate the hard work done by the developers. I have problems with its base – C# and .Net. I don’t want Microsoft to be in control of major applications that I use on the Linux devices. I can’t trust Microsoft — the repeated assaults on Linux companies — latest being Barns & Nobel — proves nothing has changed in Microsoft’s DNA. The company is and will always remain anti-competition.

Novell and its Mono-team has release a commercial version of Mono for Android to inflict the free software operating system with Microsoft’s technologies such as .Net & C#. Using Mono for Android means going back to Windows path and use proprietary software such as Visual Basic.

Microsoft has attacked almost every company, from majors like Amazon to small players like TurboLinux, which is associated with Linux. Should a Linux users still trust Microsoft?

What an irony, to use products sold by the world’s biggest monopoly to develop for free software which came into existence to fight the same monopoly.

No wonder the word monopoly starts with Mono!

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