Linux (Android) Now Controls 31% Of US Smartphone Market

It rarely happens that the figures of surveys, reports conducted by two different firms match. ComScore and Neilsen Wire are no exception. But they do agree on one thing, the open source and Linux based Android OS is leading the mobile operating system market and that Apple’s iOS market has reached the saturation point.

According to a report by ComScore, the Android market share has jumped from 23.5% to 31.2 percent in the last 4 months. Apple is still at number 3 with 24% market. Apple registered only 00.1% increase in the last 4 months, according to the report.

Samsung is leading the American mobile hardware market with a 25% market share followed by LG (20.8%) and Motorola (16.5%). All of these players manufacture popular Android phones. Motorola’s return is notable and it owes its reincarnation to Linux-based Android phones.

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