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Linux Mint KDE 10, Time To Switch From Ubuntu?

Ubuntu has been my preferred desktop for the last 5 years. It was not a fan-boyish choice, it was a practical decision. Ubuntu is easier to use. But, the latest release of Linux Mint may force me to make a switch. The reason is simple, Linux Mint adds yet another layer of simplicity and ease of use to Ubuntu thus making up for what is missing in Ubuntu.

If you are one of those GNU/Linux users who are not purists and would install proprietary software and driver either way, I would heavily recommend Linux Mint.

If its Linux, It can’t be installed!

It was an acceptable statement 10 years ago. In 2011, installing Linux is easier than installing Windows. Easier? Yes. How, I will tell later. To get Linux Mint KDE, visit this


, download the iso file, burn the image on a DVD and reboot your PC to boot from the DVD.

Once the system boots from the Live session of Linux Mint, check out this exclusive video to learn how to install Linux Mint in few easy steps. Remember, the video is to install fresh copy of Linux Mint on an empty machine, if you want dual boot or if you have data on your PC, you need to be careful with the disk partitioning. We will soon be publishing a video for disc partitioning and dual boot installation. If you have seen the video you can see how easy it is to install Linux or Linux Mint on your PC.

Linux goodies better than Windows tax

Since Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, it takes advantage of some of the prime features of Ubuntu. Linux Mint comes with quite a lot of repositories pre-installed which makes it easier for users to install restricted software packages with greater ease.

Linux Mint uses Ubuntu’s Software Center, so the manual installation of applications is only a click away. Of course, the real force is the Debian base which provides Linux Mint users with a wealth of software packages. In a nutshell, Linux Mint adds yet another layer of ease of use to Ubuntu thus making it a very useful operating system for home users.

The latest version of Linux Mint KDE 10 uses KDE 4.6, so if you are excited about testing KDE 4.6, Linux Mint is the best choice at the moment.

I mentioned that above that installing Linux Mint is easier than Windows. Under Windows you will struggle to find CDs of drivers for you printer, scanner, web-cams, WLAN and what not. Under Linux Mint, 99% of your hardware will work out of the box without any issues.

When you install Windows you get a bare-bone machine and you spend around one hour to install the needed software packages which include an office suite, chat programs, email clients, preferred web browsers and much more.

Under Linux Mint, you get a huge set of applications pre-installed which includes rocking Amarok, email client Thunderbird, instant messenger Kopete and much more. This feature of Linux Mint not only saves time but also keeps an ordinary user away from the trouble of installing needed software.

Only software that I missed on Mint was LibreOffice. I was expecting Mint would include LibreOffice by default, which is progressing at an amazing speed, instead of OpenOffice. I hope Mint developers will make LibreOffice the default office suite of the operating system. Owing to all these characteristics Linux Mint is fast becoming a favorite among Linux user, no surprise if it beats Ubuntu as the most popular Linux based operating system.

Do you use Linux Mint? What is your opinion?

System improvements

Adobe Flash

: Linux Mint comes with the latest Adobe Flash “Square”, running in full 32-bit or 64-bit (depending on your edition of Linux Mint) native mode. This plugin is faster than its predecessor, especially in full-screen.

Oracle Virtualbox

: A new metapackage called “virtualbox-nonfree” was introduced. This package points to the non-open-source version of Virtualbox and provides USB support.

Signed repositories

: No more warning is given for the usage of signed repositories. Using unsigned repositories no longer issues a warning but a validation question.
Highlight: The “highlight” command, used by “apt” is now faster and more reliable.

Adjustment system

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: The mintsystem adjustment system is now LSB compliant.
Changes in the default selection: Songbird, dansguardian and dragonplayer were removed. Python-rsvg, htop, choqok, moc, kmymoney, ofx, gimp, kftpgrabber, b43-fwcutter, linux-wlan-ng, linux-wlan-ng-doc, setserial and sl-modem-daemon were added

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