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Muktware becomes The Mukt

Dear readers,

We have some good and some bad news. The good news is that Muktware is moving to a new home called The Mukt. As you are aware we have been trying to expand the coverage of Muktware. However, it seems to conflict with Muktware’s image of a free ‘software’ magazine. We experimented with other domains extending ‘mukt’ branding, but realized it was spreading us thin. So after a lot of pondering, we reached the conclusion that we should move to a new home which will be a complete web-magazine.


What does the Mukt mean?

Mukt means ‘Free’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Liberated’, or one who has achieved
Nirvana’. The new names goes very well with our ethos!

So what does TheMukt cover?
# Scientific and technological breakthrough
# We will also cover latest and extremely important updates from proprietary world, which will be tagged accordingly
# We will cover entertainment stories – mostly about science fiction
# We will cover politics that directly affect our lives.

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The most important focus will be “Free Software and Linux”. The way we look at The Mukt is an”Open Culture magazine with ‘Open Source’ at its core. It’s more or less like a complete magazine for Open Source users.’

What happens to Muktware and all of its stories?
From today onwards Muktware is entering the ‘archived’ mode, which means no new full length stories will be published on Muktware. We will continue to maintain Muktware as an active site, just that no new stories will be published on Muktware. Muktware will become a ‘section’ of The Muktware under which all Linux & Free Software stories will be published.

There is one remote possibility that Muktware may convert into a forum which will publish user generated short stories.